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We accept :

Security payment systems online:

Google Wallet: Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard

Paypal: Accepts US E-Check account, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal

Capinfo:the biggest payment company in China.Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express,JCB and all Chinese bank cards.

The whole data transmission Channel is encrypted with SSL128-bit encryption. The Verisign digital certificate is adopted.

We use US First Data Corporation FDC(NYSE) secure payment server.
Our payment is safe, easy and quick. Any question please feel free to tell us. Except the payment online, you can also choose the following way to pay:

Bank Wire : You can wire your payment into our account in every main bank all over the world.

Post: Please post your cheque to us.

We will try our best to serve you perfectly, we will offer best gift baskets with fresh items and flowers and other nice gifts to arrange your order properly. However we are not responsible for the imperfect delivery due to the following reasons: Unclear address, your credit card is refused by the payment system, your payment is delayed due to the bank or post office... etc
Thanks for your understanding.

If you are really in an urgent condition, we may consider serving you in perference.


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